Who is Aimee Ramsey

Aimee is now running for Texas State House 114 to help represent Dallas County and Texas. She intends to responsibly help get Texas back on the right track. She wants to be a part of lowering our crime rates, lowering homelessness on our streets, and flourishing our economy all by first securing the border. Returning Texas to the conservative values that made her great. Join in and let’s make it possible for Texas families to enjoy safety and security once again. 

Clear focus, fortitude and an energy level that is consistently in first gear, that is what Aimee Ramsey has. Aimee has always been able to see what needs to be done. She relentlessly works to figure out how to accomplish the task successfully, while watching for other issues to pop up that also need attention.

From helping to raise six siblings, escaping a hazardous situation as a young single mother to opening multiple businesses, Aimee has always been focused and driven. Aimee is now an entrepreneur starting multiple businesses, creating jobs, financing home loans, an Amazon affiliate, and a real estate investor that owns several properties.

This type of devotion is not taught in schools or universities. Aimee had the self-motivation and intelligence to learn by doing. When an opportunity with potential presents itself that just needs work to make it happen, Aimee steps up to the challenge and is not afraid of hard work.

During her 23 years of working her businesses in Dallas, Aimee has been helping others and watching the future of our state and our nation become more uncertain than ever before. She began to work with the Republican Party as a precinct chair in whatever area she was needed. She worked the elections and noticed large gaps in what Dallas needs, what is provided, and what is lost in the deals made in Dallas County and across Texas. Aimee became more and more concerned. Rising crime, open borders, and political corruption that is wreaking havoc on Texas families. These areas of concern need attention NOW.

Aimee’s natural instinct is to get busy and participate in corrective action. And that is exactly what Texas needs! Vote Aimee Ramsey for Texas House.

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